Disposable Protective Mask

  1. Non-woven fabric-polypropylene non-woven fabric
  2. Filter layer-classic meltblown cloth
  3. Ear band-spandex
  4. Nose piece-polyolefin resin

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3-Layer Product Structure (SMMS+Meltblown Stagnant Core + Non-woven Fabric)

The first layer: SMMS can effectively prevent the water such as droplets and aerosols from penetrating into the inner layer, and prevent mouth and nose from being contaminated.

The second layer: Meltblown stagnant core has the function of intercepting and adsorbing micron particles.

The third layer: soft cotton non-woven fabric is comfortable to wear.


过滤层 Filter Layer

SMMS无纺布 SMMS Nonwoven


静电吸附层 Electrostatic Adsorption Layer

喷熔驻级静电芯体 Meltblown Stagnant Static Core


过滤层 Filter Layer

柔棉无纺布 Soft Nonwoven


健康 Healthy

卫生 Hygienic

安全 Safe


50片 盒 50pcs/box

抗菌 Antibacterial

亲肤 Skin-friendly




Hygiene Executive Standard: GB15979 (Disinfection Level)



Hygiene License No.: Gui (2003) Disinfection Approval Number: No.0032



Sterilization method: ethylene oxide sterilization and cobalt 60 radiation sterilization.



Dimensions: 17.5*9.3cm



Specification: 50pcs/box