Shuya Panty Liners

  1. 1. Cotton non-woven
  2. 2. Functional ANION chip
  3. 3. Aid laid paper
  4. 4. Breathable PE Sheet
  5. 5. Hot-melt adhersive
  6. 6. Release Paper/Peel strip
  7. OEM is available, distributor/agent/wholesaler is welcome

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structure Raw Material Function
Cover 1. Cotton non-woven Dry Sheet
Absorbency core 2. Functional ANION chip High tech function
3. Aid laid paper Absorbency
Back sheet 4. Breathable PE Sheet Anti-leakage
Fixing 5. Hot-melt adhersive Adhesive
Releasing 6. Release Paper/Peel strip Anti-adhesive
 OEM is available, distributor/agent/wholesaler is welcome


Name Size Structure Scented Model  Type
Panty Liner




 A.6 Layers
B.5 Layers






 A.ultra long




 B.ultra thin

Sanitary Napkins 190mm
A.5 Layers
B.8 Layers
 B.wingless type
All Sanitary napkins size, weight, SAP weight, packaging can be flexible by your customized demand!